How to Bet in the Sizzling Hot Online Slot

 Asking five different persons will result in five different answers regarding how to bet in the Sizzling Hot online slot. Our betting system, or strategy, is considered to be in the generally safe category. It is not a high bet quick win, play once per week kind of thing. Going for the long run is much more rewarding.
log of bets
For example, let's say you have EUR 500 bankroll for gambling purposes such as slots. Most websites will tell you to max bet all the way and turn out to be the winner in the short term. Of course, this benefits them more than you, the player. In a slot like Sizzling Hot online the bet can be as low as 0.60 up to 100 per spin. So this opens up options, to play 5 spins or to play 833. I'm sure you will agree that 833 spins will yield more payout wins over time. The 5 high stake spins can result in winnings but due to the low number, the risk is way higher.

The question then arises, why risk losing everything in under 2 minutes? It makes no sense. The same 500 euros can allow 833 spins, or let's put it in another way, 119 spins each day for a week. Playing 119 spins in the Sizzling Hot Deluxe slot will certainly result in many wins. Playing for many days also develops a pattern that can be followed and tracked. Keeping a log of all slot activities and doing an average can be very useful. At the end of the day marking a days result of playing with a W in case of a net win or L in case of a net loss for the respective day can offer a clear picture.

don't be greedy
The "raising the bet when at a win" myth. Again, this is a Yolo mentality. Think of it this way, every time you raise the bet you actually reduce the total number of spins. Just ignore the greedy thoughts and play on the same bet level. It takes some discipline to resist, we never said money management is easy. When is the right time to raise the stake? When you actually doubled that day's bankroll you could raise the bet and risk to lose all theoretical wins up until that point.

For example, the daily bankroll of 71 euros was doubled to 140 euros. At this point, you as the player can opt to risk the 69 euros and play at a higher bet. If you lose all this money, at the end of the day you will be even on balance, and only wasted time.
At what bet should you spend the won 69 euros you ask? Well, at a slot like Sizzling Hot Online you can't set 1.20 bet per spin, only 1.50. Setting a 1.50 bet will allow 46 spins. A 2.50 bet will allow 27 spins. That translates to 2 minutes of gameplay.

"I play max bet and win all the time" - Sure. If you have the bankroll go ahead. This guide on how to bet at Sizzling Hot online was probably not meant for you. Rich bastard!  This is a safe betting strategy that we use and like. Other strategies can work for other better. We just think this is the right way to do it.

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