Introducing the Sizzling Hot Slot

 Sizzling Hot is a classic slot machine game with a long history that was released in 2003 by Novomatic. Sizzling means blazing fiery-red hot flames, and in this game, this is an accurate representation of the winning phase. The game follows a simple concept and its themed on fruits and sevens. Rapidly gained popularity in Europe and especially Germany.

By 2008 the sizzling hot type slot machines were very well known globally. Land-based gaming rooms provided countless hours of enjoyment with a multitude of games. Online adaptations started flourishing and taking over with generous bonuses, prizes, and promotions.

Due to its massive popularity, over time, many similar games to the Sizzling Hot slot were made. Several visual, gameplay and mechanic updates turned it into the sizzling hot fruits machine of today. In return, it provided legendary entertainment to millions. Now it's your turn! 😋

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Game Facts and Rules

Classic game
 A sizzling hot machine is a simplest and friendliest game ever. There are a simple set of well-defined rules, since the first release. All the action with fruits and 777's take place on 5 reels, 3 rows, and 5 lines. At any given time 15 win symbols are present on the screen. These win symbols are cherries, stars, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes, watermelon and of course the red sevens. Before spinning the reels the player must set the bet. In the sizzling hot slot, each line has a bet value that adds up to the total bet. The player can then spin the reels and see the result. From this point onward we refer to this as a spin round.

A win happens when the player manages to collect two (only in case of cherries) or three winning symbols from the leftmost reel. The win is announced by a very win specific alerting sound. All winning combinations are then highlighted and appear on fire or sizzling hot. This process is usually referred to as the winning phase.

The double-up or risk game can be manually activated by the player after any and every win. Also known as the gamble feature, lets the player double the won amount at a 50-50 rate. The user must guess the color of the face-down card, red or black. Guessed right the winnings of the respective spin round are doubled and the gamble feature can be repeated. Failing to guess right stops the features and voids any wins including the one in the spin round.

Sizzling Hot versions

Sizzling Hot Versions

 Other websites often get them wrong. The Sizzling hot slot has many versions each different in features, design or gameplay. Competition means variety, variety means more fun for you! Here you can find complete and accurate information on all seven versions. Make sure to check them out below.


Sizzling Hot Deluxe

The most popular game from the deluxe slots set released in 2008 by Novomatic. Sizzling Hot Deluxe is the 5x3 reels and 5 pay-lines slot machine with fruits and red sevens. The sizzling hot deluxe slot uses the traditional fruit theme and offers a fast-paced and dynamic gameplay. Easy to pick up, hard to let go what you see is what you get kind of slot machine. Free Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot is also available here along with other helpful resources including guides for beginners.


Sizzling Hot Quattro

Released on 29 April 2013 Sizzling Hot Quattro brings four instances of Sizzling Hot into one screen. The four reel sets make a total of 20 reels and 20 lines to bet on. The best part, it's possible to win on all four Quattro games at the same time. Imagine getting five 7's on all four reel sets, an absolutely one of a kind win feature that only Novomatic could think of.  Declared RTP is 95.36%.

Extra Gold

Sizzling Hot 6 Extra Gold

Combines elements from three different games into one. Sizzling Hot 6 Extra gold has 6 reels, golden 7's and adjacent win positions. The Extra Bet feature can be switched on or off by clicking the button. No new visual or audio features this time. With the extra reel winning potential skyrockets. Definitely a change in a good direction.


Sizzling Gems

Garnet, emerald, diamond, citrine and amethyst, all make an appearance in Sizzling Gems as win symbols. The structure, sound, and mechanics are from the standard sizzling slot machine. The precious stones offer a distinctive look and feel replacing fruits with jewels or gems. Call them crystals, gems or jewels, they look amazing.


Sizzling 6

GreenTube describes Sizzling 6 as the game with colorful fruit symbols, Jokers and Stars and fiery winnings on 6 reels. The one extra reel in Sizzling 6 adds higher win multipliers. Released in mid-2015 as a 6 reels 3 rows 5 bet-ways slot with 95% RTP rate. Full visual and sound updates were made that resemble other popular fruit machines.

Pro 5

Sizzling Hot Pro 5

The Pro 5 version of the international bestseller Sizzling Hot game. Impera and Novomatic both refer to Sizzling Hot Pro 5 as the new generation type of slot machine. Visual and audio updates were added that make it feel slightly different from the original versions. Core gameplay feature was unchanged. Payout value differs slightly.


Sizzling Gold

The Sizzling Gold version is all about the golden sevens that allow adjacent wins. Other notable differences include the win symbols and the colors used, from a red design it switched to a shiny yellow and orange color base. Scatter symbols are added which pay in any position. Scatter wins are added to line wins. A refreshing new look that certainly adds to the fun.

A Step-by-step Guide to Best Bonuses, Promotions, and Events

bonuses, promotions
 Bonuses and promotions can be of any variety or form. The most commonly known is the sign-up or first deposit bonus. Exclusively given to a new player to boost available credits. A new player bonus can include free spins and cash bonus. Here are some common bonus types that are available for the Sizzling Hot game and any other slots in general. For example,  a 100% up to EUR 200 on first deposit with extra 50 free spins. The "on first deposit" means its claimable only once per player type of bonus. "Up to" means maximum, so if EUR 50 is deposited the total balance available will be EUR 100. Free Spins bonus can refer to free play credits for a particular game like Sizzling Hot 77777 or the whole game inventory.

While bonuses are designed to attract players and consist mostly of cash prizes, promotions are meant to keep them. Promotions come in many shapes, they can be day specific or game specific. Prizes vary from cars to electronics to special tickets to exclusive events. Happy hours promotions happen on a fixed date and can offer free play or reward in money. Weekend boosters are cumulating bonuses that add up during the week in exchange for a prize on the weekend. A percentage dividend is given to the player.

Seasonal and monthly events offer large-scale rewards. For example, a sizzling hot player can participate in Summer Bonanza or Battle of Slots-like event and get rewards while playing the favorite game. It's also important to note that big events attest to a site's credibility and safety. There is no guarantee that a specific slot like Sizzling Hot, Sizzling Hot Quattro or Sizzling Hot Deluxe will be available for the event.

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Photos with the Game

Scatter symbol example
3 Scatter Symbol win.
Lemons combination example
Photo with a simple lemon winning combination.
grapes win example
Winning combination with 3 grapes symbols.

A brief History of Sizzling Hot

The Sizzling Hot history is often misrepresented by other sites, often referring to information that is not accurate or incomplete.
First of all, Admiral Sizzling Hot was released on 17 August 2001 and it looked like this. It was quickly copied and renamed by various parties to "Sizzling Shot", the color shades and the name were changed. March 6, 2003, release was actually a rework or visual package update. In 2014 Admiral became part of the Novomatic UK Group and took an enviable position amongst the portfolio of brands including Gamestec, Bell-Fruit Games, and Astra. Shortly, on 22 February 2015 Admiral Sizzling Hot received a new update that made the game look like this. On 13 November 2007 Novomatic released a set of deluxe games that included Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Book of Ra Deluxe and others.

The correct history time frame with release dates would be like this:

  • Sizzling Hot Admiral - 17 August 2001
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe - 13 November 2007
  • Sizzling Hot 7 - 10 February 2010
  • Sizzling 8 - 8 September 2010 There is no Sizzling 8
  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe (another repository) - 29 April 2013
  • Sizzling Hot Quattro (Novo Line) - 29 April 2013
  • Sizzling Gems (Impera Line) - 19 November 2014
  • Sizzling Gold - 19 November 2014
  • Sizzling Hot Admiral - 22 February 2015
  • Sizzling6 Slot (Impera Line) - 30 August 2015

Platforms and Compatibility

device compatibility figure
 Novomatic the Austrian company and its subsidiaries, GreenTube, Admiral and others have made the game compatible on all devices. The games mentioned above all run smoothly at the licensed vendors where they were tested. Desktop or laptop, tablet or phone, listed slot machines are optimized. Mobile operating systems include Android, iOS.

Over the years many platforms were used. Novo Line interactive, OCTA GAMES, Cool Fire II-s, Impera Line and Novo Unity platforms offer a better reach and generally improved game quality. A slot that runs well but has lesser features will have more success than one with bugs or glitches. The brand Sizzling Hot makes no compromises when it comes to stable and fast-paced gameplay.

Trend and Popularity

trend chart
 According to Google Trends, between years 2003 and 2007 the Sizzling Hot slot game enjoyed modest popularity worldwide. In 2008 with the release of the deluxe set a major increase was recorded.
The period between the years 2011 and 2015 was the peak for sizzling hot slots. From the years 2016 to 2018 there was a short decline. Hopefully, it will be remedied by an upcoming new slot machine release.

After a rigorous research, our team of editors has concluded that the most popular versions to date still enjoy a massive fanbase. Find out more about the Sizzling Hot trend chart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a game unavailable?
- There can be many reasons for this, but most likely the country of origin is the problem. Some licensed distributors cannot offer content in various countries. Search our site for the free or demo version, that should be available.

How to win more with Sizzling Hot slot game?
-  There are strategies that improve chances of winning at Sizzling Hot. Check out our guide on how to win more. In games like sizzling hot having a plan or strategy is realistic and rewarding, unlike imaginary cheating techniques.

Which sizzling slot should I play?
- The version that is most appealing visually or features wise. There are, however, certain slots that are only available in specific countries like Sweden, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany due to legal reasons.

How to play Sizzling Hot for real money?
- The first step is to pick a trustworthy licensed site. Look for a strong reputation with overall positive reviews and many years in the business before signing up for anything. Trusting a site with real money should not be taken lightly.

What device is the most suitable for gaming purposes?
- Without a doubt, a tablet is a perfect choice. Most games are HTML5 and perfectly optimized for tablets. It also offers comfort and it's portable.

Having trouble understanding some of the terminologies used? The slot machine terminology wiki can help.


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